Our Vision

"To present to every child affordable, supportive and specialised teaching so that he/she can reach their full potential."


What Do We Offer?

Creative World Academy offers holistic and well-rounded development to learners with a moderate to challenging intellectual dysfunction, with the aim to develop the learners’ future in small steps

Why Creative World Academy?

Ř      We focus on learners from three to twelve years old.  We endeavour to have learners rejoin the mainstream again.

Ř      We believe that every learner is unique, who can progress and perform according to his OWN abilities. 

Ř      With us, there is no lazy, shy, obstreperous or naughty learner.  

Ř      We focus on language and communication.  

Ř      We concentrate on the important learning method of using the senses SEE, HEAR, FEEL, SMELL & TASTE.

Ř     We try to cultivate love and respect in the learner towards his friends, the staff, his parents and people in general.

You can find a video clip about us at KykNet