Community Service

The Creative World Academy Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (098-151-NPO) which runs various projects such as special needs schooling, further education and social upliftment.

One of the main objectives in the Foundation’s constitution is “The operation of a Further Education and Training Institution”.  This has manifested in the creation of the Creative World Academy, a school for special learning needs such as Autism and Down Syndrome. The school started in 2011.  

Another objective is the “Provision of community based services to poor and needy communities such as education and development awareness programmes”, which is being accomplished by various incentives, such as the training and support of pre-school teachers in informal settlement areas around Johannesburg. About 30 women are currently involved in this programme.  

The above training follows the study material of our course in Early Childhood Development, which is SETA accredited. It is aimed at the education and stimulation of children in the age group 0 - 9 years.

 A common objective is to emphasise environmental and ecological aspects in all training, to encourage recycling and methods to make schools and households self-sufficient in the sense that they use whatever materials they have at hand, functioning as “green” as possible to reduce waste.